A camel is a horse designed by committee


Regarding my latest post I read a great post on TechCrunch today, especially this quote :

“if you asked a group of Porsche owners what they wanted they’d tell you things like “smoother ride, more trunk space, more leg room, etc.” He’d then say “well, they just designed a Volvo.

I never heard of this before, but I think it’s easily applicable to SoccerProject. Of course I should listen to what all managers have to say, but the final decision is ours and we can’t please everyone…

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2 Comments on “A camel is a horse designed by committee”

  1. jayantnk Says:

    Well Said. Its true that you cant please everyone, but also keep in mind you can always please the most…

    Jayant NK

  2. nomorewebvan Says:

    Your vision, your game. Congratulations… I have never built a community of 20-40,000 in a competitive environment. Well done and thanks.
    I have run the center at many, many Under 19 and Under 16 soccer matches and I find the rate of yellow cards to be a bit high, but I’m sure that all were deserved (especially by my opponents- dirty, dirty teams!).
    Fair play.

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