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Expenditure limit

July 11, 2009

It doesn’t happen too often, but this time I only got positive forum reactions on the latest change in SoccerProject. Quite a relief acutally 😉

My aim for this particular feature was not only to prevent new managers from spending all their money at once, I also wanted to make life a little harder for cheaters and even slow down the injection of money in the economy by short-life managers. It actually took me a while to find a good and simple solution, but I think this must be the simplest option available. I don’t mean programmatically of course, it’s much more important be easy to understand for a (new) manager.

I always try to stay away from complexity, most of the time simple solutions are simply the best. At first I wanted to gradually increase the budget of starting managers. By means of pre-announced money injections, they would see their budget slowly grow. I wasn’t sure however of how many messages and injections would be ideal in this case. We surely don’t want to overload a new manager with all kinds of info.

Then I figured we could simply create an expenditure limit on transfers, depending on the time a manager has been a member of SoccerProject. I started out by creating some (complex) formulas on how to calculate the weekly raise for the limit. Luckily I then noticed, it would be much simpler to simply use the number of seconds a manager has been on SoccerProject. That meant a very easy check in the code, and a very easy-to-understand solution. That is also the reason the limit will grow by EUR 604 800 each week, there are 604800 seconds in a week.

There is also a nice (imho) little side-effect. Each time a manager tries to make a transfer that limit will have grown. In other words it’s a live-limit and managers will be able to follow the growth. I hope some managers wll like that about it. If not, you can safely ignore this closing paragraph 😛



June 21, 2009

5 year celebration

I must have configured it wrong, since TwitterFeed did not do what I was expecting from my last post. I made some small changes to the configuration, I hope it works this time.

Meanwhile we have a temporary logo for this week. It’s the least we could do for our first lustrum celebration.


June 19, 2009


I’ve postponed it several times, but this week I twittered for the first time. I’ve had my Twitter-account for quite some time now, but I never used it untill now. I can’t see myself keeping this up for a long time, but I will try for the time to come.

Two things I like already. All my tweets end up on my FaceBook account automagically, so no double work there. And if all is configured OK, this post should appear on Twitter as well. Let’s find out …

Custom Facebook URL

June 13, 2009

Allthough I’m not really using my Sjarel Westel – Facebook account, I did take this morning’s opportunity to get this great URL : Maybe it will turn out to be useful in the future, but for now I’m sure nobody else will take it …

Bye bye, bye bye

June 7, 2009

Two important goodbyes these days. First el stino decided to step back as a moderator. A sad goodbye because I was very pleased with all the help we got from him over the past two years. Thanks el stino and good luck to you in the future !



Secondly we made an important decision. We will no longer use Talkerbee on SoccerProject. There were several reasons for this, but the most important one alone, really is enough for this decision. We kept getting error reports from users all over the world and those problems were not likely to be solved in the short future, so we were left with only one option : disabling TalkerBee. Personnally I’ve always believed in this feature, but it turned out less succesful then expected. I’m sorry for those managers who did use it frequently, but we feel there is no other choice for SoccerProject.

Welcome zajdaz

May 7, 2009

Not too much news lately, only a little from our Czech friends.

Manager zajdaz will be the new forum moderator, Frankie doparoma decided to quit. Next to this we (Isis and Sjarel) were invited to the Czech SoccerProject meeting in June, but unfortunately we won’t be able to attend. It’s just too far and too difficult to get there. I do hope they’ll send me some pictures though….

Some bugs can be hard to spot …

March 31, 2009

It won’t be too long anymore before SoccerProject can celebrate it’s first lustrum. It’s hard to imagine, but we still find bugs in the code that has been used for so many years now. Thousands of managers use it on a daily basis, and yet we have to keep fixing minor to major bugs.

Some time ago a manager reported he bought a player, at least he thought he did. The money was taken from his account, but the player seemed to have chosen for another club. After some investigation, I found that this could happen when two managers wanted to buy the same player at the exact same moment. I guess this is a late bugreport for the introduction of the Instant-Buy-Price. Before this could never happened of course.

Anyway, it took a while, but now this very annoying bug has been fixed.