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IE8 User Agent String

August 18, 2009

I should have known. The arrival of IE8 meant I had to update the SoccerProject code again. As I described in my IE7 post, some IE8 browsers also identify themselves as IE6. Quite dissapointing to me because this means I will have to update our code for each new IE version to come …


New blood again

May 29, 2009

Turkish manager ranking

After the extremely exciting title race in the Belgian Football Championship, we learnt that the Dutch forum needed some extra moderating. I decided to take this chance to add a Belgian and a Dutch moderator. Welcome Prince88 and Lessius.

Meanwhile Turkish translator emo80 silently left the game. Luckily the Turkish top manager Denims was willing ta take over his translating Tasks. Welcome to Denims as well of course !

Money as Debt

November 3, 2008

I just came accross an interesting series of YouTube videos. Of course I’m always a fan of conspiracy theories but this was really interesting imho : More info can be found at

The SoccerProject economy seems very simple compared to this ­čśë

New Portuguese Moderator

May 12, 2008


Last week I had to replace the Portuguese translator, this week it’s the moderator position which gets a new ‘inhabitant’. As from now manager o_vencedor will replace manager Ivan Pavlovich as the Portuguese forum moderator. I hope he’ll do a good job and maybe he can make his forum a little more active.

TextLinkAds review

May 8, 2008

Text link ads

While I’m at it, I might as well review another advertising site: Text Link Ads. Actually I can be very short on this, it was no succes at all. Not only did we never get any reaction for our advertising space (this time the price was set by Text Link Ads themselves), but I was also dissapointed in their feedback. I’ve never got the impression they really wanted to help us. So you’ll never see one of their ads on SoccerProject

OpenX II

April 20, 2008


Simply because someone from OpenX reacted very quickly on my last post, I feel obligated to shortly commment on his comments.

– GeoTargeting is supported by OpenX, I like that, I simply failed to notice it.
– The difference in number of clicks might be partially caused by search robots, which is what can be prevented by a feature they aded in their latest release.
– Webserver optimization is hard, but they do give some good tips in their manual.

Co├»ncidentally ShoeMoney had a post on the same topic today, apparently they’re moving to Google Ad Manager already…

Simplified Chinese

March 3, 2008

Simplified Chinese

About three weeks ago I was contacted by manager tnds. Not only did he explain to me the difference between Simplified and Traditional Chinese, he also offered to translate SoccerProject into Simplified Chinese. Obviously a Chinese version of SoccerProject has always been a dream of mine since there are a lot of Chinese football-lover who can’t play SoccerProject at the moment because they don’t know English (wel enough).

Now, only three weeks later he already finished the job. I know I’ve said it before, but it really is true. The translation is gigantic, I estimate it takes at least 100 hours to translate all texts, so this is quite a performance !

A big “Thank you” to manager tnds and I really hope we can interest some Chinese managers toplay SoccerProject now …