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Posted June 13, 2009 by sjarel
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Allthough I’m not really using my Sjarel Westel – Facebook account, I did take this morning’s opportunity to get this great URL : Maybe it will turn out to be useful in the future, but for now I’m sure nobody else will take it …


Bye bye, bye bye

Posted June 7, 2009 by sjarel
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Two important goodbyes these days. First el stino decided to step back as a moderator. A sad goodbye because I was very pleased with all the help we got from him over the past two years. Thanks el stino and good luck to you in the future !



Secondly we made an important decision. We will no longer use Talkerbee on SoccerProject. There were several reasons for this, but the most important one alone, really is enough for this decision. We kept getting error reports from users all over the world and those problems were not likely to be solved in the short future, so we were left with only one option : disabling TalkerBee. Personnally I’ve always believed in this feature, but it turned out less succesful then expected. I’m sorry for those managers who did use it frequently, but we feel there is no other choice for SoccerProject.

New blood again

Posted May 29, 2009 by sjarel
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Turkish manager ranking

After the extremely exciting title race in the Belgian Football Championship, we learnt that the Dutch forum needed some extra moderating. I decided to take this chance to add a Belgian and a Dutch moderator. Welcome Prince88 and Lessius.

Meanwhile Turkish translator emo80 silently left the game. Luckily the Turkish top manager Denims was willing ta take over his translating Tasks. Welcome to Denims as well of course !

Welcome zajdaz

Posted May 7, 2009 by sjarel
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Not too much news lately, only a little from our Czech friends.

Manager zajdaz will be the new forum moderator, Frankie doparoma decided to quit. Next to this we (Isis and Sjarel) were invited to the Czech SoccerProject meeting in June, but unfortunately we won’t be able to attend. It’s just too far and too difficult to get there. I do hope they’ll send me some pictures though….

SoccerProject archives

Posted April 19, 2009 by sjarel
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Over the last few years, we have collected millions of SoccerProject-games with all kind af data for the team squads, individual orders, tactics, etc. Our database keeps growing, while a lot of those data from the past are no longer of any interest to anyone. That’s why we now created a script to systematically remove all obsolete data.

We are now running this script in the background, for each of the past seasons. This has been the reason why some simulations took a little longer than usual. We realize this is not ideal, but it’s a one-time-operation and should be over in a couple of days.

Some bugs can be hard to spot …

Posted March 31, 2009 by sjarel
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It won’t be too long anymore before SoccerProject can celebrate it’s first lustrum. It’s hard to imagine, but we still find bugs in the code that has been used for so many years now. Thousands of managers use it on a daily basis, and yet we have to keep fixing minor to major bugs.

Some time ago a manager reported he bought a player, at least he thought he did. The money was taken from his account, but the player seemed to have chosen for another club. After some investigation, I found that this could happen when two managers wanted to buy the same player at the exact same moment. I guess this is a late bugreport for the introduction of the Instant-Buy-Price. Before this could never happened of course.

Anyway, it took a while, but now this very annoying bug has been fixed.

A camel is a horse designed by committee

Posted March 25, 2009 by sjarel
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Regarding my latest post I read a great post on TechCrunch today, especially this quote :

“if you asked a group of Porsche owners what they wanted they’d tell you things like “smoother ride, more trunk space, more leg room, etc.” He’d then say “well, they just designed a Volvo.

I never heard of this before, but I think it’s easily applicable to SoccerProject. Of course I should listen to what all managers have to say, but the final decision is ours and we can’t please everyone…